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Gladiator quote that's wr

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pooruser poker training video from 2006-10
  deathstar, Apr 07 2018

I don't want a blog. Have nice spring and summer and new year happy 2018.

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  deathstar, Oct 20 2017

I read that LGBT only make up 4-5% of the population. I want to take a sample of sexual orientations.

Poll: What is your sexual orientation?
(Vote): Straight
(Vote): Gay
(Vote): Bisexual
(Vote): Asexual

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Gladiator quote that's wrong
  deathstar, Oct 14 2017

Marcus Aurelius says, "Death smiles at us all, all a man can do is smile back". Was he smiling though when death took the form of his son? I find death sad, not happy.

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